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Course Overview

This course provides a way for students to create and collect their notes. This course will introduce students to using OneNote notebooks to store a variety of content in an organized way, access the content from anywhere, and also share it.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for people in a variety of roles and fields who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Office and want to incorporate digital note-taking and note collaboration by using Microsoft OneNote. In addition to creating and modifying OneNote notebooks, this course will introduce you to inserting images and embedding files into notebooks, categorizing content, sharing content with OneDrive®, and exporting content to other file formats.

Course Objectives

    In this course, you will develop digital note-taking skills by creating, modifying, and managing OneNote notebooks that work with other Microsoft Office programs. You will: Navigate and customize the OneNote interface and environment. Add and format text, images, audio, links, and drawing objects to a notebook. Embed Excel spreadsheets and attach other files to a notebook. Categorize, organize, and search notebook content. Check spelling in, print, and password-protect notebooks. Use Outlook and OneDrive to send and share notebook content. Export notebook content and manage notebook history and backups.

Course Outline

1 - Getting Started with OneNote

  • Topic A: Navigate the OneNote Environment
  • Topic B: Use Templates
  • Topic C: Customize the OneNote User Interface

2 - Adding & Formatting Notebook Content

  • Topic A: Apply Formatting to Notebook Content
  • Topic B: Insert Images and Audio into a Notebook
  • Topic C: Add Quick Notes and Links
  • Topic D: Use Drawing Tools

3 - Embedding & Attaching Files

  • Topic A: Embed Excel Spreadsheets
  • Topic B: Attach Other File Types

4 - Organizing & Searching Notebooks

  • Topic A: Use Tags
  • Topic B: Organize and Search Notebooks

5 - Finalizing a Notebook

  • Topic A: Proof and Print a Notebook
  • Topic B: Configure Password Protection and Notebook Properties

6 - Managing Notebook Files

  • Topic A: Export Content from OneNote Notebooks
  • Topic B: Back Up and Restore Notebook Content

7 - Sending & Sharing OneNote Content

  • Topic A: Send OneNote Content in Other Formats
  • Topic B: Share OneNote Content by Using OneDrive

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