PMI Agile Certified Practitioner

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Course Overview

For many organizations, business success and even survival hinges on embracing an Agile mindset. Continuous delivery of value, an unwavering customer-centric perspective, and the ability to respond and adapt to change characterize many of today’s best performing organizations. Even if not formally implementing a specific approach, Agile practices are often employed in more traditional organizations competing in today’s disrupted, hyper-dynamic business environment. This exam prep course provides a solid foundation for anyone seeking to develop fluency in Agile concepts, terms, and practices as well as the necessary knowledge to be prepared for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam. This course covers the values and principles articulated in the Agile Manifesto, as well as the values of key Agile frameworks and methods, including Scrum, XP, and Lean. Our 2-day PMI-ACP exam prep course, with successful completion of an online mock exam, satisfies the 21 hours of formal education required to sit for the certification exam.

Who Should Attend

This PMI-ACP exam prep course is intended for anyone who wants to learn the principles and practices of agile and/or wants to obtain the PMI-ACP credential.

Course Objectives

    Improved ability to use an Agile mindset when collaborating Better team productivity with clearly defined roles and responsibilities A common language and improved team communication Higher-quality products developed more rapidly Increase customer satisfaction Greater organizational agility to respond to change and uncertainty All of our PMI-ACP exam prep courses are taught by our expert instructors and fulfill the PMI-required 21 contact hours of training. In addition to the PMI-ACP training course, you will also receive the following with 6-months of access to an online PMI-ACP training portal immediately upon registration: Digital PMI-ACP exam prep materials Downloadable training aids Additional online resources, including quick reference guides, terminology flashcards Realistic sample questions to conduct practice exams

Course Outline

Introduction Agile Foundation Introduction Agile Development Overview When is Agile Appropriate Agile Manifesto Agile Fundamentals Fundamentals Project Charter Product Roadmap Product Backlog Minimally Marketable Feature (MMF) Value-Based Prioritization Product Backlog Grooming User Stories Personas Story Maps Epics Themes Agile Methodologies Methodologies Introduction Scrum Introduction Sprint Planning Meeting Sprint Goal Modeling Sprint Backlog Daily Scrum Meeting Sprint Review Meeting Retrospective Scrum of Scrums The Scrum Team Extreme Programming (XP) Lean Software Development Agile Communications Communications Management Colocation/Distributed Teams Team Space Osmotic Communications Agile Tooling Information Radiators Task/Kanban Board Work in Progress (WIP) Limits Cumulative Flow Diagram Sprint Burndown Chart Release Burnup Chart Agile Estimating Relative Sizing Story Points Wideband Delphi Technique Planning Poker Consensus Building Velocity Cycle Time Agile Metrics Agile Earned Value Management (Agile EVM) Test Driven Development (TDD) Unit Testing Acceptance Testing Frequent Verification and Validation Escaped Defects Risk-Adjusted Backlog Risk Burn-Down Chart Agile Leadership Leadership Theories Knowledge Sharing Active Listening Brainstorming Emotional Intelligence Conflict Resolution Negotiation Stakeholder Management Coaching and Mentoring Agile Contracts and Accounting Principles Agile Contracts and Accounting Principles Value Based Analysis Burn Rate Compliance

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