Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) Training

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Course Overview

The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) training and certification course will provide you with a foundational understanding of business relationship management (BRM). This course provides the “why” business relationship management is critical to your organization and “what” a BRM does to add value to your organization. This interactive course includes discussions and real-life exercises that will provide you with the opportunity to apply the learning to your unique organizational situations and allow you to show immediate value in your Business Relationship Management (BRM) role, as well as prepare you for the BRMP Certification exam. Exam fee included in the cost of the course

Who Should Attend

Anyone who recognizes the importance of relationships and measuring value in their organization, as well as those who are currently in or interested in the business relationship management capability or role.

Course Objectives

    What business relationship management (BRM) is and the value it provides to an organization. The need for an organization to move beyond traditional goals focused on profits and products to encompassing a relationship-centered approach that maximizes value. The importance of integrating business relationship management into every facet of the organization. The importance of educating the organization about developing Business Relationship Management (BRM) capability to evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and satisfy purpose. How to apply BRM to the organization’s triple bottom line of people, purpose, and planet. The basic knowledge, skills, and mindsets of the BRM role. The core BRM approaches, tools, and templates used to achieve results. The value and impact the BRM capability has on an organization.

Course Outline

Business Relationship Management (BRM) Introduction Why BRM? Why Now? Relationship-Centered Organization Theory of Relationshipism Triple Bottom Line BRM Defined BRM Role Competency Model Activity Domains BRM Capability BRM Capability Framework BRM Workbooks Strategic Relationship Plan BRM Capability – Evolve Culture Evolve Culture Framework BRM Role in Evolve Culture Purposeful Narrative Desired Behaviors Influential Relationships Personal Growth BRM Capability – Build Partnerships Build Partnerships Framework BRM Role in Build Partnerships Relationship Maturity and Quality Partnering Mindsets Relationship Discovery Relationship Nurturing Business Relationship Management (BRM) Capability – Drive Value What is Value? Types and Sources of Value Drive Value Framework BRM Role in Drive Value Value Discovery, Realization & Results BRM Capability – Satisfy Purpose Satisfy Purpose Framework BRM Role in Satisfy Purpose Through BRM Capability & Triple Bottom Line Social Value BRM Role Our Purpose and What We Believe Role Clarity BRM Code of Ethics BRM Role Competency Model BRM Mindset Scope of BRM Role BRM Team Our Purpose and What We Believe BRM Team Definition BRM Team Purpose, Mission, and Vision Assessing the Value of a BRM Team Organizing and leading a BRM Team Transition Management Coaching BRMs

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