Program Management Fundamentals

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Course Overview

Increasingly organizations face the challenge of limited resources amongst conflicting projects, which often leads to budget overruns and failed strategic objectives. The goal of program management is to coordinate projects that share similar objectives and resources to obtain synergies that would not otherwise be possible. This translates into a more efficient utilization of project resources, including increased productivity, less waste and reduced conflict. In this course students will learn how to implement program management best practices in your organization.

Materials Included:

  • Program Management Fundamentals Main Presentation
  • Video-on-demand: 3 hours and 12 minutes
  • Executive Dashboard Example
  • 6 section quizzes – 126 questions (static)

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for project managers seeking a deeper understanding of programs and program management techniques.

Course Outline

Introduction to Program Management

  • Introduction to program management
  • Differences between projects, programs & portfolios
  • Interdependence between projects & programs
  • Performance domains and program life cycle
  • How Program Management fits into the organization
  • The goal/mission of Program Management
  • Infrastructure: The program office, technology

Pre-program Preparations

  • Strategic benefits of programs
  • Organizational mission, vision and values and how they influence strategy
  • Align program objectives with organizational objectives
  • High-level business case
  • The program manager's role
  • Program Management Team
  • Financial metrics
  • Phases and gates

Program Initiation

  • Program Categorization
  • Program Definition Phase
  • Program Formulation
  • Stakeholder Identification

Program Setup

  • Program Preparation
  • Program Management Plan
  • Benefits realization plan
  • Resource Planning
  • Set up the program infrastructure
  • Plan for the remainder of the program
  • Metrics for measuring and controlling the program
  • Scenario Analysis

Program Closure

  • Program Closure Phase
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Benefits transition and sustainment
  • Program closure activities
  • Transition to operations and maintenance
  • Lessons learned
  • Course Summary

Delivery of Program Benefits

  • Program benefits delivery phase
  • Planning the program components
  • Governance structure for monitoring and controlling
  • Factors for component sequencing
  • Monitoring the program
  • Respond to program changes

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