Facilitating Meetings Effectively

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Course Overview

Effective facilitators know how to take charge of meetings and lead groups toward successfully completing their work objectives. In this course, you will strategically plan meetings and create formal agendas, lead groups to generate new ideas through brainstorming events, and help people work through facilitated difficult sessions. You will also further develop your facilitation skills by leading virtual meetings and even moderating international sessions.

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for managers, supervisors, team leaders, or anyone who leads meetings as part of their job and wants to learn how to become a more effective meeting facilitator.

Course Objectives

    • Build a foundation for a successful meeting.
    • Prepare for a meeting.
    • Set the stage for a meeting.
    • Facilitate a meeting.
    • Facilitate a specialized meeting

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Building a Foundation for Successful Meetings

  • Topic A: Identify Types of Meetings Topic B: Identify Attributes of Strong Meeting Leaders

Lesson 2: Preparing for a Meeting

  • Topic A: Clarify the Purpose of the Meeting Topic B: Identify Participants Topic C: Plan Meeting Logistics Topic D: Create an Agenda

Lesson 3: Setting the Stage for a Meeting

  • Topic A: Establish a Meeting Climate Topic B: Resolve Challenging Situations

Lesson 4: Facilitating a Meeting

  • Topic A: Lead a Meeting Topic B: Make Sound Decisions Topic C: Publish Meeting Minutes Topic D: Close a Meeting

Lesson 5: Facilitating Specialized Meetings

  • Topic A: Manage a Brainstorming Session Topic B: Manage a Virtual Meeting Topic C: Manage an International Meeting

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