Implementing Mindfulness

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Course Overview

Stress and burnout can stop us from doing our best work. Every day, we face changing workplace dynamics that have left many of us routinely exhausted or withdrawn, resulting in strained relationships and lower productivity.

Implementing mindfulness has never been so important, giving us the tools and resources to feel our best. This course provides evidence-based techniques that address your mental wellbeing from the inside out. This means reducing stress and avoiding burnout - and that means better focus, more effective teamwork, and higher performance.

Course Objectives

    • Recognize the direct link between emotions and behavior
    • Understand how to observe reality without making judgments
    • Identify different thought patterns and distortions
    • Demonstrate how to navigate thought patterns to increase decision-making and problem solving.
    • Apply a balance of resilience and compassion for self and others

Course Outline

Understanding Emotions and Behavior

  • Choices and Emotional Behavior
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Applying Mindfulness

Navigating Emotions Under Stress

  • The Purpose of Emotions
  • Thought Patterns and Distortions
  • Navigating Thought Patterns

The Power of Reframing

  • Going Beyond “Positive Thinking”
  • An Introduction to Reframing
  • The Power of Our Words
  • Building Your Emotional Vocabulary

Building Better Days with Resilience

  • Mental Resilience
  • Hot Cross Bun Formulation
  • Applying Compassion
  • Leading by Example

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