Dell - VCF 4.2 on VxRail Administration

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Course Overview

This course enables an administrator to manage a VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on VxRail solution. It covers reviewing the management interfaces, managing users, roles, and passwords, managing certificates and licenses, managing the workload domains, deploying NSX-T Edge cluster, performing lifecycle management, configuring multi-instance management, and exploring troubleshooting and support options. Hands on labs and simulated interactions are included in the course to provide a walk-through of the key steps involved in the administration of a VCF on VxRail solution.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for customers, partners and Dell Technologies employees who are responsible for administering and managing a VCF on VxRail solution.

Course Objectives

    • Describe the VCF on VxRail architecture
    • Manage user accounts, roles and, passwords
    • Manage VCF on VxRail components certificates and licenses
    • Add and remove Tenant workload hosts
    • Explore Developer Center
    • Deploy NSX-T Edge cluster
    • Describe VCF multi-instance management
    • Perform lifecycle management
    • Describe the prerequisites and the process to deploy vRealize Suite
    • Use Supportability and Serviceability (SoS) utility to perform health check and collect logs
    • Update DNS and NTP servers for VCF on VxRail components
    • Locate VCF knowledgebase and advisories

Course Outline

Describe the VCF on VxRail Solution

  • VCF Introduction and Benefits
  • VCF Use Cases
  • VCF on VxRail Architecture Models
  • VCF on VxRail Deployment Options
  • External Storage for VCF on VxRail
  • vSAN HCI Mesh for Virtual
  • Infrastructure (VI) Workload
  • Domains (WLD)
  • VCF on VxRail Hardware and Software Options
  • Helpful Resources

Navigate the Newly Deployed VCF on VxRail Solution and Describe the Components

  • VCF on VxRail Lab Use Case
  • User Interfaces – vSphere Client, VxRail Manager Plugin, SDDC Manager
  • Using the Right UI for an Administrative Tasks
  • Lab: Use vSphere Client to Explore the Newly Deployed VCF on VxRail solution
  • Lab: Explore the SDDC Manager UI

Configure Active Directory as an Identity Source

  • vCenter Single Sign-On
  • Supported External Identity Sources
  • Lab: Join WLDs vCenters to Active Directory (AD)
  • Lab: Add AD as the Default Identity Source

Manage Use Accounts, Roles and Passwords

  • SDDC Manager Roles
  • SDDC Manager Accounts
  • Lab: Create an Administrative User and Group in AD
  • Lab: Review Existing AD Groups
  • Lab: Assign SDDC Manager Roles
  • Lab: Unassign an SDDC Manager Role
  • Lab: Verify SDDC Manager Roles

Perform Certificate Management Certificate Management

  • Configure Certificate Authority (CA) in SDDC Manager
  • Remove Old or Unused Certificates
  • Lab: Create and Add a Microsoft CA Template
  • Lab: Configure Internet Information Services (IIS) to Allow Access to the CA
  • Lab: Configure Access to CA in SDDC Manager
  • Lab: Generate a Certificate Signing Request
  • Lab: Generate and Install a Signed Certificate

Manage Licenses in VCF on VxRail

  • Available Licenses for VCF on VxRail
  • Using Licenses
  • Lab: Explore Available Licenses in the SDDC Manager UI

Manage Workload Domains

  • Add Host to a Tenant Workload Domain
  • Rename a Tenant Workload Domain
  • Remove a VxRail Host from a Cluster in a Workload Domain Simulation: Use VxRail Plugin to Add a Node to the Tenant Workload Domain cluster
  • Simulation: Use SDDC Manager to Add the New Node to the Tenant Workload Domain
  • Lab: Remove a host from the Tenant Workload Domain

Explore Developer Center

  • Developer Center Interface
  • VCF on VxRail API Considerations
  • VCF APIs vs. VxRail API
  • Lab: Explore Developer Center
  • Lab: Create an SDDC Manager Service Account

Deploy NSX-T Edge Clusters

  • NSX-T Edge Clusters with VCF on VxRail
  • NSX-T Edge Cluster Deployment Automation
  • NSX-T Edge Cluster Deployment Prerequisites
  • Lab: Deploy an NSX-T Edge Cluster on the VI WLD using the Postman API Tool.

Perform Lifecycle Management Lifecycle Management

  • Upgrading Workload Domains Skip-Level Upgrade
  • Lab: Review Downloaded Bundles and the Current Version of SDDC Manager
  • Lab: Install Update Bundles

Deploy vRealize Suite

  • vRealize Suite Overview vRealize Suite and VCF on VxRail Integration
  • vRealize Suite Prerequisites
  • vRealize Suite Use Case
  • Demonstration: Deploy vRealize Lifecycle Manager Using SDDC Manager

VCF on VxRail Multi-Instance Management

  • VCF on VxRail Multi-Instance Management
  • Multi-Instance Management - Federation
  • Lab: Create a Federation

Backup and Restore SDDC Manager and NSX-T Manager

  • Backup and Restore SDDC Manager and NSX-T Manager
  • Default File-Based Backup
  • Configuration in SDDC Manager
  • Using External SFTP Server for File-Based Backups

Explore Troubleshooting and Support Options

  • Supportability and Serviceability (SoS) Utility Overview
  • Update DNS and NTP Servers
  • Locate VCF on VxRail Knowledgebase and Advisories
  • Log Files in SDDC Manager
  • Troubleshooting Failed Workflows in SDDC Manager
  • Lab: Perform Fix-It-Up and Health Check Operations
  • Lab: Generate and Collect SDDC Manager Logs

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