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Welcome. U of A's Technology Training Centre has partnered with New Horizons to provide a standard and streamlined process for employees to search for training offered by New Horizons and request approval to attend. If approved by the U of A's Technology Training Centre, you will receive an email with your training details.

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New Horizons offers virtual instructor-led classes. A virtual instructor-led class is a hands-on training experience with a live instructor. All students use a headset, and can freely participate in discussions with the instructor or with other students by voice or through the text-chat window using our collaborative eLearning platform. You will be provided with the courseware and other materials for the class. Within the class, you will be able to:

  • See the instructor’s lecture slides, ask questions, and provide feedback.
  • Work on virtual labs just like our New Horizons traditional instructor-led classes. You will connect into a lab, not a simulation, and be working in a live environment.
  • Hear your instructor and communicate with other students throughout the class.

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Please contact New Horizons student support if you encounter any problems logging in to your class.